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Your Dreams out the Windows

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Assignment: For the assignment “Your Dreams Out the Windows” we were tasked with making some sort of “dream” or daydream visible through a window.

Process: Popped open GIMP and edited the photo I took of a computer in our lab.  Went on to edit a picture I found of a praying mantis (CC) into the computer screen. Probably the most difficult part of this process was getting the picture to fill up the whole screen.  Eventually I had to copy a portion of the right side and add it on to cover the whole screen width.  If I were to do it over, I would’ve measured the computer screen in pixels so that I could past the picture in and change it’s dimensions to match the width. Finished it off with adding a softglow effect to the mantis to make it more “dream-like”.

Story: I actually had a dream last night that I was trying to do a DS106 assignment involving a praying mantis.  In my dream I was holding one and maybe trying to take a picture of it?  Anyways, I felt this assignment was a great fit and was an interesting play on what I had dreamed up the night before. Took some liberties with the ‘window’ requirement and made it ‘Windows OS’ giving a view inside my daydreaming.

– Paul

ps- I just realized I could’ve done this without any GIMP at all by just setting FireFox to full-screen and viewing the image.  That probably wouldn’t have made a very good DS106 entry though, but even still… I can’t believe I just thought of that now haha

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