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Wiggle Stereoscopy: Valentine’s Edition

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Valentine's Day Chocolate StereoscopyAssignment: I chose to do the “Wiggle Stereoscopy” assignment.  It’s a pretty fun assignment that mixes photography and GIF creation.  You need to take two photos from very similar angles and then combine them into a single GIF.

Process: After taking the pictures with the app ‘Stereogram’ on my iPhone I emailed myself the picture and had to slice it up because the two images were put onto a single one. After that it was a simple process of putting the sliced pictures into layers and exported it as a gif with a 100ms delay.

Story: I did a stereogram previously, but decided to try again. My main goal was it make it more of a ‘left-right’ wiggle, but even this image came out weird.  Apparently I’m just really bad at taking the pictures for these things :( The subject of this image, some fancy Valentine’s chocolates, were given to me by some students and I felt like immortalizing them in a DS106 assignment before I ate them. They were very pretty and tasted great too :)

PSA: There’s a really cool website that the New York Public Library created, a stereogram creator that draws on their collection of old stereographs from the 1900s.  Go check it out!

Filling out the FEEDBACK FORM for this section made me realize that all of mine submissions were from the Visual category.  Looks like I’ll be forced to branch out in the last half of the class, so hopefully I’ll find some fun non-Visual projects to try my hand at ;)

– Paul

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