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  1. Paul

    Xanadu(®!) & You

    by After reading about Ted Nelson on Friday, I was very curious about his 'Xanadu®' Project and wanted to learn more about it.  Instead of reading about what it was, I wanted to look for a video that covered some basics about it so I could have some visual reference about the idea.  I came ...
  2. Paul

    “God does not exist, and everything is wrong”

    The title is a quote from Ted Nelson, one of the "pioneers" we're focusing on in the first section of the class. I had been going through the 7 that were listed on Professor Lockman's blog post and briefly reading about them on the Wikipedia. Nelson stood out to me the most, not only for ...
  3. Paul


    I first became interested in the internet in 5th grade of Elementary school. At that time there was a site that became popular at my school called 'Neopets' and it gave me a reason to use the computer and go on the internet. My username, now forgotten, had nothing to do with my name, Paul, ...

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