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A Stick Figure Hitches a Ride

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I saw the assignment Stick Figures And Sticky Situations and thought it’d be a humorous project to tackle :)

First, I had to find a photograph.  My iPhone is currently full of them because I usually don’t take the time to download them to my PC unless space gets really tight. Because of that, I had this picture left over from a walk I took at a temple near my job. I think originally I just wanted to capture the beauty of the scene, but looking at it today it looks like those old ladies are gossiping about me taking the shot. :p

One of the reasons I thought this might be a good photo to use for this assignment was the fact that there was a path!  It’d be an easy place to superimpose a stick figure and could be done creatively to interact with the two women. At first I was going to have the figure peeking out from behind one of the women, but I realized that it might be more humorous to have him actually clinging to the back of one.

In the end, that’s what I did and I think it turned out alright :) The stick figure looks cuter than I thought it would when I started.

Been a long crazy unit, but this is my farewell post to Fear and Loathing Online!

– Paul

ps- See you guys a week from Monday! Going to America :) My parents will get to meet my boyfriend of two years and I’ll be able to eat Taco Bell.  Exciting!

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