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The Presentations Thus Far

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Everywhere Malware 2Thank you scottloradio for releasing this picture under Creative Commons! Not only do I get to use it (because I have no photos that fit with the presentations), but it also goes with my ‘Copyright and Wrong’ topic that I’ll be doing tomorrow :)

The presentations have been really great judging by the ones I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. Many of the students really knew what they were talking about. I feel┬áprivileged┬áto be going after being able to observe quite a few presentations because it has showed me what worked and what may not have worked so well when sharing information to other people.

One of the things I observed was the variation in visual aides that my classmates were using. ┬áSome had Prezis, others had traditional PowerPoints, and some used websites or their own blog to illustrate their points. Based on what I saw, I ultimately decided to make a Prezi for my presentation which I’ll be showing off tomorrow. ┬áThe flamboyant effects surpass what Google Docs’ Presentation app can do and I haven’t bothered to buy Microsoft Office for my computer because of the quality of free software available.

To everyone who I got to watch present, good job! ┬áHope I’ll do well too :)

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