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I sure do love me some movies

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I’ve done a couple of design assignments this weekend. ┬áThere will be a few more to come, but I was pretty excited about these and wanted to post them now.

This assignment┬álooked like a lot of fun. ┬áIt also seemed somehow familiar. ┬áLong ago, my friends and I renamed “The Departed” with a much more apt title: “Head-Shot: The Movie”. ┬áSo I started with this

And ended up with this

Head-shot: The Movie

Not great, but I think it does the job.  By the time I finished, I really wished I had used a different font.  I was unwilling to start over though, because just doing this version took me quite a long time.


Then there was this one┬áthat I honestly chose because it seemed easy enough that I could actually do it. And since I’ve been rereading Dune┬áthis week:

Dune travel poster

These were both pretty simple.  I had someone show me some basic photoshop layering for Head-Shot and then had some annoying trial and error adventures.  For the Arrakis travel poster, I just used mspaint.  That one was easy.  Really, simplicity is key.

More design assignments on the way, probably mostly movie related as well. ┬áThere will also be more daily creates too. ┬áI know you’re thrilled.

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