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A little bit of everything

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The daily creates this week asked us what some of ourĀ favoriteĀ things are. The first daily create I completed this week asked us to a photo that features our favorite color. My favorite color is green. My room at home is lime green on all four walls …. and my ceiling. I also love Lisa Frank things. They remind me of my childhood and all of the care free wonder that filled it. I need that in my life as a stressed out college kid. This Lisa Frank coloring book crossed my path and I knew it needed to be what my daily create needed to be.

Lisa just gets me


Next we had to take a pictureĀ depictingĀ our favorite type of weather.Ā The winter weather in Cortland is starting to get me down, but I was home on Long Island when this daily create came up. The weather wasĀ beautifulĀ there this past weekend. I snapped thisĀ pictureĀ from my friends window as I was waiting toĀ surpriseĀ my parents for their 50th birthday party.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood


In the fashion of the day, we were asked to take a photo of a leap. Or a leaping photo. I remembered this photo that i had taken my senior year of High School. I’m at a track meet Ā and this is what we used to do to entertain ourselves.


jump for joy

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