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First Submitted Assignment

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This is the first assignment I’ve created, and it was really fun to complete.  In initially I wanted to have the assignment be “write and illustrate a children’s story, then display each page in a gif,” but I decided that was a bit much.  So I settled for making a cover by copying and pasting.  I cut from images of construction paper for everything but facial expressions and the wind.  I used images of construction paper in order to add more texture to the final product.

For the text, I created a textbox in its own layer like I normally would.  Then I selected all of the text using Paint.NET’s magic wand tool.  I used this selection to copy from a layer of black construction paper.  This allowed me to add more texture to the text than if I had simply used black text.  For Winnie and Piglet, I just used tons of layers and a lot of different colors of construction paper.  I used an existing cover as a base, and went from there.

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