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Some thoughts on the radio show thus far

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I’m about to start the final push for the radio show, so I figured now is a good time to talk about what the process has been like so far.  We (I’m working with Brian and Chelsea) did most of the work on the show before break, which is not my usual style.  I won’t lie, it was kind of nice not having to worry about time pressures.  We did almost all of the writing and recording in one sitting, which was really awesome.  The writing portion was a lot of fun.  We all sat in the same room and used a Google doc to write the script, which worked out surprisingly well.  Brian came up with a general idea, but we didn’t really know the details until we wrote them down.  I think this worked mostly because we were working at the same time, so we could see what everyone else was writing.  This made it so that the story sort of evolved into something we were all comfortable with and sounded natural when it came time to record.  We recorded immediately after writing the script, and voiced the parts that we wrote, for the most part.  I think this made it sound more natural.  We used the recording studio room in Dupont, which gave very clean sound.  That place is awesome.  We also tried to do long takes when possible.  For the interviews, for example, we recorded the parts together instead of separately in order to make them sound more conversational.  I think our takes got much better as the night progressed.  It’s hard getting used to the idea of hearing yourself, so some of our early takes were a bit rough.  I for one had a lot of trouble slowing down my speech.  I’m a fast talker and a mumbler, so I had to make a concerted effort to sound like a normal person.  Overall I like the way the recording process went.  I’m about to record the second bumper and add some music to the outro.  Hopefully it works out.  Brian and Chelsea have done an awesome job on it, so hopefully my editing skills will be up to snuff.

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