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Wa51 Radio Talk Update

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After much hard work and many remodel we have finally made the final touches to WA51 Radio Talk. A Radio Show about aliens, UFO’s and the conspiracies behind them. We decided on this topic because it was something that many people are intrigued by and don’t know whether to believe it or brush it aside, so we took an enthusiast who is very serious about the topic to fill the world in about the spooky subject. A lot of hard work went into building up our radio show and as fun as it was, it could definitely get stressful. A good portion of our show was an interview with Don Goff, an extra terrestrial enthusiast for 30+ years. He explained everything he’s researched, major UFO sightings, how you know information is reliable, his beliefs in the matter and abductions. Since that was the main chunk of the show we started with that and had to go through and take out clips that seemed most interesting as well as tweak it so you only heard the interview no background noises as well little insignificant pauses in between. We then added our intro portion with bumper and commercial and finally added our touch up sound effects to draw the audience in. Our group met several times to make sure everything was to everyone liking and talked about what needed to be fixed when the final product was all put together. Our method to the radio show was to keep it pretty serious because what Don spoke about was real events, but we did wanna living it up with commercials based on alien toys and “alien protection” just to have a little fun. Our bumpers were individual creations where we played with audacity adding sound effects from x files, space ship noises and the twilight zone. although this project took a lot of outside work it was such a blast. I really hope everyone can take a listen and enjoys or is intrigued by our topic.

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