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A Little bit of Pre-Prouction/Horror Movie

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B. A Little bit of Pre-Prouction


I’m not going to lie, when I was a kid I already went through my phase of trying to be a director of a horror film and I wasn’t that bad may I add. Our film was definitely tight budget and wasn’t too scary but in order to make a horror film the first thing you have to have is an imagination.
To make a good horror film I would probably start with a good scary costume, whether it is Jason or some kind of ghoul like IT. Fake knives, guns, blood all those good costume effects are required and an eerie space to film it in such as a cemetery, crawl space or even a basement. Lighting is really important in a scary movie as well. Horror movie and even horror scenes are always dark and don’t allow much lighting other than to bring attention to a face or object. Different kinds of lighting would also be appropriate as long as it brings an eerie vibe, like maybe only bringing light through the blinds or only one light from a lamp in a room being the main source of light.
Location is also very important. You want enough room to be able to run around, trip (because you know someone will be dumb and try to find the problem and or course trip while trying to run away). You don’t want to film in your dorm for example and look like your running around in circles where the same bed and desk are reoccurring (that’s not scary). Setting up in your own home could even be done by just making it look almost vacant or adding little things to add that creepy vibe. Adding the color red here are there may help; people see red as a negative color. You could make the area look dusty and dirty or little Halloween decorations like those cheap spider webs and plastic props (dolls are always creepy). You really dont even need much as props go, as long as you have a location you make any creepy with some sound effects (havn’t you seen Paranormal Activity…that was in a normal everyday house!)
Last but not least sound is a major factor as well. You never get as amped up for an intense part of a film without the heavy breathing, sudden noises or music that lets you know something is about to happen; even silence can add an eerier effect. Even “Silent Films” weren’t necessarly silent, they always had the music that went along with the genre whether it made you feel upbeat or let you know to be scared. The sound that goes along with your film is probably the most important in letting the viewer know how they should feel.

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