Design Assignment: Alternative Book Cover

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Assignment: Alternative Book Covers                                                                                                       Worth: 3 Stars

The book I chose for this assignment was Animal Farm. Being that Animal Farm is a book about politics yet it is portrayed by using animals in a farm, I wanted to put a different spin on it. I used the title “Animal Farm” and the concept of it having to do with humans rather than actual animals and came up with the idea of having a farm of humans. Thinking of that I came up with the idea of overcrowded prisons, after all living in that environment as well as including the way some prisoners are treated is like Animals on a Farm. Here is the original cover:

Animal Farm Original Book Cover


And here is the edited version of the Cover I have come up with:
Edited Animal Farm Book CoverProcess:

When creating this image I used Gimp, and simply edited a few images I found off of Google and put them together. The tools I used were basically: Text Tool, Scissor Select, Clone Tool, and Blend Tool. The final outcome is what you see here.

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