Video Assignment: Movie Scenes that Changed my Life

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Assignment: Movie Scenes That Changed Our Lives
Worth: 5 Stars

In this assignment I was required to take scenes, which made a big impact on my life, and combine them together while adding commentary explaining why it is meaningful to me. The three movies I chose were ones which meant allot to me growing up, they are The Bucket List, The Pursuit of Happyness and Jack. All have a powerful important message, which I advise everyone to take into consideration. Here is the final outcome:


  1. Obtain movie scenes from YouTube by downloading using a FireFox add-on.
  2. Using Real Time Trimmer I shortened the clips into the parts I wanted to use.
  3. Using Windows Movie Maker I, combined the 3 clips along with movie covers I found off of Google.
  4. Recorded commentary for each clip individual. Centered perfectly with the movie artwork so there would be no interference with the clips.
  5. Saved and Published.

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