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Week 1

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Dear Mom, Dad, and family,

During my first week at Camp Magic MacGuffin, I’ve been helping the camp directors set up my activities! I’ve also been doing lots of unpacking. You remember how long it took me to pack up everything I needed for camp! I already had a Google account, but now I also have a Flickr account for photo sharing, a YouTube account for video sharing, a SoundCloud account for sharing sound clips, and finally, a Twitter account, for, well…tweeting! My fellow campers and camp counselors/directors all follow me on Twitter. I follow them too. When we tweet at each other, we use hashtag “#ds106″ to categorize our posts. When you click the hashtag, you will be able to see all the people talking about that category! My picture on the sites is of our puppy, Tux! I used his picture as an icon to represent all of my new accounts. I set up my profile for the DS106 class, listing all of these new accounts. My new website,, is being set up. I will write blog posts on the site. In fact, I have a new post to add. We watched a video presentation by Michael Wesch, an expert in internet culture. He was a keynote speaker at UMW last year. I wrote a blog post reacting to his speech. It was very informative and taught me a lot about the internet. It is so important to educate the next generation (my future students) on how to use the internet properly to tell their story!

I have downloaded a virtual world program called Minecraft. You will see that on the credit card billing statement ;) We haven’t used it yet, but it looks pretty cool and I am excited to get started. Eventually, our campfires will take place on that program.

I participated in my first Daily Create on Wednesday. I recorded a short video clip of myself talking about a family legend. I wrote about Mom’s mother. It was really neat to reflect and share my stories and thoughts with everyone at camp. I liked that the camp directors both responded to my video. It made me feel special!!

I wasn’t able to join the first week’s campfire, because I was away at EA’s (my best friend) graduation. Hopefully I will make it around the campfire this week though!

Camp has been lots of fun and I am looking forward to next week! Miss you!

xoxo Marcey

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