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Bryan’s Digital Storytelling

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Bryan talked about numerous ways stories are created and how other perceive the storytelling mode. The one I wanted to elaborate on is “Character Blogging.” Character blogging is when the blogger is a character and their personalities are shown overtime.  The story I read in detail the “The Tweeted Titanic.”  ”The Tweeted Titanic is a series of events that took place during the sinking of the Titanic and it feels as if you are actually there during the horrific event. I think this falls under character blogging because overtime it shows how people felt about the Titanic. I also feel that since it was told bit by bit with emotion and there are a lot of details present in the “tweets” that help you stay interested.

I feel that blogging a story is much more effective than creating a book or some sort out of the event. First off the “tweets” are short and simple, so you don’t have to read on and on to find out what is going on. Secondly, using this type of blogging allows us to compare our emotions to the emotions of the person/people telling the event and it gives us a special little view on the event. Thirdly, it allows us to see the crisis and the resolution. We seen read about what happened before and how the passengers handled the aftermath.

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