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  1. Kavon Johnson

    Hey You

    Words Hey you. In the Red. Hey you in the red. Be tough not scared FRONT BACK This cheer is repeated 3 times. The same moves will be used but we will change it to…. WORDS Hey you. In the white. Hey you in the white. Stand up let’s fight.
  2. Kavon Johnson

    Daily Creates; Week 10

    The first daily create I completed was making a creepy sound. I could have used audio from the internet or something but I chose to use my mouth. Yes, I made this sound with my mouth     The second daily create I completed was drawing a flower with my eyes closed. I always draw ...
  3. Kavon Johnson

    Final Letter Home

    Hey Mom, Today is the last day of camp, heading home soon. I greatly appreciate you sending me to this camp this year. It has been one most eventful summer that I have lived through yet. You know when I first got here I was super nervous and scared, but I was treated like family. ...
  4. Kavon Johnson

    The Eventful Summer (Final Project)

    It all started on May 21, 2012, a young girl by the name of Kavon Johnson was sent to her first summer camp. She had never been to summer camp before so she was very nervous. Along with being very nervous she was questioning why her mother decided to send her to camp this year. ...
  5. Kavon Johnson

    My SCREWED UP Project

    I tried to be creative and mix some things in there. I did not just want it to be a simple old blog post, but I wanted to “write” it. So I decided to put it in a movie form with slides. I added music to the background just to make it seem more “fun.” ...
  6. Kavon Johnson

    Sing My Life

    We all have that one song that describes our life. Sadly, most people are ashamed to tell how they REALLY feel. I know I personally don’t share too many of my secrets and hurts with people. I sometimes feel misunderstood but I try my hardest to maintain a positive attitude. This assignment that I am ...
  7. Kavon Johnson

    Pause [Four] A Moment

    The first assignment I created, I wanted it to be simple yet fun. I thought about the daily creates we have done and just assignments in general. I personally dislike taking pictures of myself. I am not a very photogenic person because I don’t really have that “beautiful look.” But there are times when I ...
  8. Kavon Johnson

    Week 9 ; Daily Creates

    “[Illustrate attraction in a photo]” This is a photo of 2 bears that are in love, clearly they are “beary” attracted to each other.   “[Take a picture of yourself imitating some classic rage faces]” I really don’t get mad, but my “rage” sometimes consist of me crossing my eyes. Why? I’ll never know, but ...
  9. Kavon Johnson

    Remix, ximeR, Rmiex

    Remixes are everywhere and they are unavoidable. Some remixes are easier to do and others are simple. While watching some of these videos, I got a understanding how HOW TO do some things I never thought of before. It is even more interesting to know just how creative some people are to come up with remix ...
  10. Kavon Johnson

    Mashing Up Movies Underwater

    Sadly, I don’t really watch too many movies, but the few movies I watch are mainly animated. Why? I am a big kid at heart and animated movies has a way of keeping me young. Well, that is my story and I’m sticking to it. The assignment that allowed me to mash up movies, was ...
  11. Kavon Johnson

    REMIX; Creating a NEW assignment

    This week we are doing a lot of remixes. When I got my Remix assignment, I was a little afraid. I didn’t know how exactly to remix a “5 seconds of fame” video. After thinking and thinking a thinking, I finally came up with a remix assignment. This assignment is called “IDENTIFY THIS SOUND” The ...
  12. Kavon Johnson

    Remixed Album Cover

    Rihanna is my favorite artist(if you all haven’t noticed by now) and I know every single one of her songs. When I saw the album cover assignment, I knew exactly what to do. Rihanna has a song called “S&M” which in reference to sexual acts. It stands for Sadism and Masochism-The practice of using pain ...
  13. Kavon Johnson

    Carding a Deeper Me

    My story is simple. A good girl, lost in a bad world. Not knowing whom to turn to and when. Wondering why no one understands that not all my days are good days. Even though I pretend as if they are. When I saw this assignment, I thought about it for a long time. I ...
  14. Kavon Johnson

    Animated Rock Starts

    Phineas and Ferb is the best cartoon known to man. For those who aren’t big on cartoons, you should really consider watching it. It cones on at random times on Disney Channel and is on a lot. When I saw the assignment to animate a music video, I honestly almost fell out of my bed. ...
  15. Kavon Johnson

    World of Remixes.

    Kirby Ferguson’s videos about remixed material was amazing. He took some songs and movies that I thought were¬†original and showed where the artist or directions got their inspiration from. Many times younger directors and artist want to create an “original film/song” but they get their¬†inspiration¬†from older films that were thought to be GREAT. If a ...
  16. Kavon Johnson

    Story de Words = )

    I am a very random person. I love saying random things at random times, just because its funny. When I saw this assignment I instantly became excited because I had a chance to be random. For once in my life, I can use my randomness for something productive. I chose 10 words off of the ...
  17. Kavon Johnson


    1. Play by Play I like sports, so I am planning on doing a “play by play” of a video of when Shaq broke the backboard when he dunked in his younger days. I just need the video of the event and use a video editor that allows me to record my voice¬†over top¬†the video. ...
  18. Kavon Johnson

    Reading [TAKEN]

    My favorite movie of all time would have to be “TAKEN” that came out in 2008. It is a movie about a retired CIA agent, who’s daughter gets¬†kidnapped¬†when she goes on a trip to Europe. ¬†He has to go to Europe and use his skills to hopefully find is daughter alive. The reason why I ...
  19. Kavon Johnson

    My Life. Told Through Song. Listen Carefully

    How it was created… 1. I collected some of my favorite songs that spoke the words I NEVER could say. 2. I edited the parts of the songs I wanted and simply placed them in the selected boxes. 3. I then uploaded the pictures where my facial expressions or body language reinforced the words of ...

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