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Sing My Life

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We all have that one song that describes our life. Sadly, most people are ashamed to tell how they REALLY feel. I know I personally don’t share too many of my secrets and hurts with people. I sometimes feel misunderstood but I try my hardest to maintain a positive attitude.

This assignment that I am creating is called “Sing My Life.” You take that one song that describes your life and take at least 5 lines from the song and tell why you can relate.

My song is:

“The One Before” x K’La

My Five Lines:

1. “hurting for years but she hid it, she told you she healed but she didn’t”

  • There has been a lot of time my feelings have been hurt by other people. But I hate having issues with people. So instead of me telling people how they have destroyed my feelings I would rather hid it.
2. “she’s been hurt, she’s been torn, she’s been lied to once before; so if you’re gonna love her then baby you better love her more than the one before”
  • I had been in a 4 yr relationship and it was hard. We were both young so there was a lot of learning to do. I had been hurt, torn, and lied to. After leaving that relationship, I found a new “friend”, but I was so scared that I would be hurt by him also. So I told him about everything I had been through, what I did and did not like, and what hurt me. And I told him, if he wanted to be with me, he had to do things better than the one before
3. “she already think you’re probably hiding more than she knows”
  • I have trust issues. From friends, family, and relationships. I always think that people are hiding things from me. Not all bad things, but it could be some good things too. So sometimes, I second guess a lot of people and things out of fear that they are hiding things from me
4. “but God gave her that butt and God gave that frame, and God gave her that smile, and God gave her that face and God gave her this town and God gave her that name.”
  • Not to sound conceited, but my body is shape different that others. I have what people call “a video vixen shape.” I used to hate it because guys would hit on me and touch me in school. For the longest time I wore baggy clothes so no one would violate me at school. I have a big smile and I hate it. I show all of my teeth when I smile and I only have one dimple. I also hate my name. It sounds like a boy’s name and it’s ghetto to me. But then as I grew up, I started to appreciate my body, my smile, and my name… because God created me this way for a reason.
5. “being mistreated you act like you didn’t see it until she walked out that door.”
  • I super strongly hate when people treat people badly thinking that will stay forever. Everyone has that one person that they depend on and that is perfectly fine. BUT make sure that you treat that person right. In most cases, people can use people over and over again until that person gets tired of being used. Then they walk away. Personally, I hate apologies. If you didn’t treat me right at first, don’t wait until after I leave to miss me.
This assignment is easy. All you do is-
1. embed the song into your post (however you choose to)
2. take the 5 lines and quote them
3. explain why you like them
It is really that simple and it also will let the viewer see a deeper side of you.
For more. Click Here. –>>[Sing My Life]<<–



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