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Pop Art’N Myself

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Growing up, I always wanted to be a pop star. When I seen this particular visual assignment, I knew it was a my chance to pretend I was a pop star. I ALWAYS wanted to be this famous singer and also a ob-gyn on the side (yeah, what a dream). This was very exciting for me and I did not want anyone else to take my shine, so I had to do a picture of myself.

This visual assignment was a tad bit harder than the others. I first had to find a photo editor that allowed me to create a “pop art” out of a regular picture. Being that it’s 2012, there were a lot, but I had to find one that worked perfectly. I actually did this one on my phone using “PicsArt.” I just uploaded a regular picture of me and then clicked “pop art” and it turned my original picture into 4 pop art pictures. So the hardest part was finding the editor and the rest was pretty simple. Again, I was elated that I could turn my regular old senior photo into a pop art photo, and yes I felt like a pop start for about 10 minutes.

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