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Hugh Mercer Dancing

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I finished my second Visual Assignment today. After a few flubs with the Photoshop trial (my computer shuts down 20 minutes after I open it), I switched over to GIMP.

The assignment I did was Wiggle Stereoscopy. I went for a walk yesterday down my street a bit to the Kenmore Plantation for tdc153. I chose to use the statue of Hugh Mercer as my focus for this Visual Assignment.


I opened the two files in GIMP under File > Open as Layers. Then, I resized the images to fit comfortably in my blog. I learned that .gifs don’t work in WordPress when they aren’t inserted in their original size.

Then, under Filters >  Animation, I chose Playback. Then, you can see your .gif in action as it rotates between layers. To change the delay between the two frames, select the layer and add a time written in milliseconds using this format: [imagename (nms)] where n = the number of milliseconds. I chose to use 750ms.

To save the image, under File > Export and select .gif. Now, you have a gif!

I had it saved as a little faster, but the images had enough difference to make me dizzy, so I scaled back to 750ms.

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