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  1. Kerry Girard


    I’ve had a difficult time with the audio assignments this week. I kept getting very frustrated with my tone and volume while talking that I must have read 5 different
  2. Kerry Girard

    My Apologies

    Dearest Fam, My apologies for my lack of interaction recently with ds106. I’ve been overwhelmed with a second camp that I’ve just started at. I’m short on free time and
  3. Kerry Girard

    Share the Joy

    Part two of my Design Assignments requirement, I chose to do the Creative Commons Poster. Being an animal enthusiast, I chose an adorable hound in the middle of a field
  4. Kerry Girard

    Aloha, Aloha

    Aloha fellow campers, I’ve sent my family a postcard from Camp Magic MacGuffin this evening as part of the Postcards from Magical Places assignment as designated by our esteemed directors.
  5. Kerry Girard


    Great great great third week here at CMM. I learned my way around GIMP decently, and though  it’ll be a long journey, I’m feeling pretty confident in my progress thus
  6. Kerry Girard

    Two Down

    Two weeks down here at Camp Magic MacGuffin. There’s definitely a monster in the lake, my bunkhouse is called Slaughterhouse 4, which just feels like a bad omen, and people
  7. Kerry Girard

    Political Storytelling

    After reading Bryan Alexander’s introduction, I never thought of a blog as a diary. New Media, and specifically blogs really are amazing… they’re a forum that you can share with
  8. Kerry Girard

    TDC 136

    Forgive my awkwardness, I hate talking into cameras. So, the quick version of this is that my dad is a Charlottesville “legend” to anybody who graduated UVa in the 70s
  9. Kerry Girard

    Getting Acquainted

    I’m finally getting accustomed here at Camp Magic MacGuffin. My first week, despite a few bumps in the road like getting completely turned around as I tried to maneuver my way through

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