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The Noise That Makes It Impossible to Turn The Lights Off!

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Today’s Daily Create was to make the creepiest sound you can using props or simply your voice. After reading this assignment I immediately thought about the movie “Darkness Falls“, after watching that movie my fear of the dark multiplied tremendously. Such that, the moment when my feet were hanging over the bed, I would immediately jump back a warp speed. Also if I heard a noise in my room it would take me like 3 steps to get to my brothers room which was 10ft from my bedroom door, I mean I would fly. After seeing that movie that noise sticks in your head, and it still freaks me out until this day. I decided to imitate the noise myself, hopefully it doesn’t creep you out like it did me.

If you want to see a video clip of “Darkness Falls” click here!

Okay maybe the trailer doesn’t make it seem as scary as it was, but still it was pretty scary for a 13yr old to endure.

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