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  1. Jasmine Anderson

    My Fair-ly Analyzed Post

    The movie that I decided to¬†critiqued¬†is My Fair Lady, it¬†is¬†a film made in 1964¬†staring¬†Audrey¬†Hepburn¬†as Eliza¬†Doolittle¬†(one of my favorite actresses), and Rex Harrison as¬†Professor¬†Henry Higgins. My Fair Lady is a drama, family and musical. ¬†After reading¬†¬†Roger Ebert’s¬†article¬†‚ÄúHow to Read a Movie‚Ä̬†¬†I’ve … Continue reading
  2. Jasmine Anderson

    Love Bears

    For this weeks selection of Daily Creates, one of the assingments was to¬†illustrate¬†attraction in a photograph today. I decided to get my daughters bears also known as love bear protectors (because they protect her from aliens) and had them kiss, … Continue reading
  3. Jasmine Anderson

    A Moody Bumper Remix

    For this particular remix¬†assignment¬†the assignment was to remix a previous assignmentthat was done by another camper. The previous¬†assignment¬†was to remix classic bumper stickers to promote the cause(s) of ds106, ds106radio, and ds106tv. We then had to take the old assignement … Continue reading
  4. Jasmine Anderson

    Chick Flick MashUp

    For this particular Mashup Assingment ( we had to take elements from multiple movie posters and mash them up into one. You can change anything- the caption, the title, the main image, etc. Lastly, make it seem like it could … Continue reading
  5. Jasmine Anderson

    Jasmine, The Rap Star!

    This Video¬†Assignment (¬†was by far my absolute favorite¬†assignment ever. For the assignment we had to lip sing a song. I decided to get out of my comfort zone (signing Adele or Brittney Spears) to rapping Nikki Minaj’s verse in Bottom’s … Continue reading
  6. Jasmine Anderson

    Charlie Remix

    For this particular Video Assignment ( We had to¬†reenact¬†a video on¬†YouTube¬†that has gone viral(1mil + views). So I decided to do my little brother and daughter’s favorite video, “Charlie bit me.” Ever since that video¬†became¬†popular, it has been a thing … Continue reading
  7. Jasmine Anderson

    A Rather Wordy Video

    Another Video¬†Assignment¬†for this week ( was to:¬†Chose up to 5-10 words..just randomly pick them don’t over think it just chose these words out of the blue. Then do a Google image search on these images and chose one of the … Continue reading
  8. Jasmine Anderson

    5 Second Funny

    One of the Video¬†Assignments¬†for this week ( was to make a 5 second long video,¬†preferably¬†a funny one. This was the first video¬†assignment¬†that I did. So I decided to get a video of my daughter slaying the dragon (my little brother). … Continue reading

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