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Wrapping Up Daily Creates for Camp

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I have enjoyed The Daily Creates of ds106 and will strive for continued participation in this creative outlet even after my educational enrollment in the ds106 curriculum comes to an end. Here are the 3 daily create assignments I completed for the last week of ds106 and Camp MacGuffin…

tdc198 – Draw a flower with your eyes closed.

Flower drawn on the inside of my eyelids

I’m not that great at drawing on a good day.Ask me to do it with my eyes closed ensures a disaster in the art department. Knowing this would be the case, I want to add a twist…to make it more interesting. So I used Flamepainter to blindly draw this flower. This made it look more abstract and colorful, standing out from the other pen and pencil renditions of this challenge!

tdc200 – Take a photograph of animal you think represents your personality.

I emerged from my cocoon…a Butterfly

“Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it became a butterfly.”
A butterfly is an accurate reflection of my life to this point, especially the last few years. I recently had this beautiful reminder tattooed on my ankle for my 35th birthday…to always remind me that change is ineviditable, so make it beautiful! I will blog separately about this in the near future, to give the the whole story, my story and why this holds such a powerful significance to me that I would tattoo on my body. Look for it, if you really want know what’s really Behind Blue Eyes.

tdc201 – Make a short audio of the sound of water pinging, flushing, splashing, roaring, tumbling…

Bathroom H2O by Chanda Sorrell Cowger

To create this sound clip, I recorded a few sounds of water in the bathroom. The shower running, toilet flushing, sick faucet flowing. Again, easy to do using the SoundCloud app on my iPhone to record a short bit.

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