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TDC#1 & Intro

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Good Evening! My name is Shawn Gillis, I am starting my Senior year of college and I intend to grow up (in ~9 months) to be an accountant (exciting, I know). UMW has been swell but I look forward to striking out on my own. I have a few hobbies I really enjoy, primarily cooking and fantasy football. Although I love cooking all foods, I am particularly fond of barbecuing (in the “low and slow” sense of the term) and Italian food. I like a good beer, although I’d say I’ve got friends far more pretentious than I am in that department. I watch more TV than I should, and I couldn’t say its quality programming most of the time, I enjoy Swamp People (choot ‘em Clint!) and other reality shows that showcase lives far more dangerous than mine (Deadliest Catch). I also like a good book, The “A Song of Ice and Fire Series” that the “Game of Thrones” HBO series has been a favorite, and I’ve started “The Wheel of Time” series recently and really enjoyed the first book, only 13 to go.

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