1. sgillis

    Final Summary Post


    Here is my final project. I really enjoyed it and focused on revisiting some assignments I had enjoyed in the past. I may have taken the “story” aspect a bit too liter

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    ally but by picking a silent-era actor this was the only way I felt I could …

  2. sgillis

    Weeky Summary#15


    Here are my assignments for this week, and I created them all by myself!

    I did the Budding Entrepreneur assignment I created here

    This stemmed out of my love of cooking up (literally and figuratively) different product idea’s, and, as per usual, the final product doesn’t exactly match up to …

  3. sgillis

    Peanut Butter BBQ Sauce


    I know what you’re thinking based on that title: DELICIOUS. It is something I am ashamed to say I have tried to concoct in my kitchen (Thai food has changed my perspective on peanut butter). And now, I am selling the idea for mill

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    ions! Below you’ll …

  4. sgillis

    Recycle ALL the Media


    For the Recycle the Media assignment, I took a video listing different words in “waterfall” form and tried to match up the words with corresponding images from discarded images. I then set the video to a mashed up song of sorts I found on the recycled media page.

  5. sgillis

    Upselling an Ibex


    I saw the “Buffalax!” assignment and thought of one of my favorite foreign youtube videos “Arguing with an Ibex” and, using my best Windows Movie Maker caption skills, tried to portray the man attempting to sell the ibex an extended warranty (something I myself get frustrated …

  6. sgillis

    Barking on Sunshine


    I saw the “Local Commercial Mashup” and my mind immediately wandered towards those really sad SPCA ads, and I thought to myself, “why not make that a little more upbeat?” So I took an SPCA ad off of youtube, pulled it into MPEG Streamclip, deleted the audio files, …

  7. sgillis

    Sir Remixalot


    I watched “Everything is a Remix” Part 1 and Part 3. The author presented an interesting argument about “remix” and how common it is, being the basis of most recent innovations. I guess the real issue for would-be remixers is to make their derivative work “substantially different.”

    For examples …

  8. sgillis

    Weekly Summary #10


    Video Editing

    The only video editing software I have is Windows Movie Maker but I am familiar with many file converters so if that becomes an issue I shouldn’t have any problems. I’ve used it semi-frequently the past couple ye

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    ars, most recently with my GIF …

  9. sgillis

    Weekly Summary#9


    Radio Show Evaluation: SpiritXpress- Autumn

    Quality of audio sound  -e.g. is the volume appropriate? are the levels even? Is the sound clear, and free of noises not needed (e.g. mouse clicks, background)?

    A: I found myself adjusting my volume a couple times, but I feel like people probably did the …

  10. sgillis

    Johnny Chipmunk


    For my Mainstream Chipmunk’d assignment, I decided to commit sacrilege and chipmunk the late Johnny Cash (I wondered how it would sound on a deeper voice) and the results don’t disappoint.

    I pulled the song into Audacity and upped the pitch to the desired chipmunky-ness.

    3/5 stars…

  11. sgillis

    Leave a Message You Will


    For my Movie Voice Machines assignment I tried my hand at a Yoda impression.

    I tried to keep it short and sweet, my Yoda voice tends to break down over time. This was a pretty standard process recording of recording in Audacity and cleaning it up with the Noise Removal …

  12. sgillis



    For my rendition of Seuss It I picked a childhood favorite of mine, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

    As far as the process is concerned, I found the text of the book online and read it one run through Audacity. I the ran the noise removal application to …

  13. sgillis

    DS106 Radio Ad


    For my ds106 Radio advertisement for my groups ds106 radio show I opted to create a graphic poster.

    I really just upped the contrast on a desert road and cropped it so it felt like the road was right in front of you. Then I added a small statement that, …

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