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Weekly Summary#7/8

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Audio Storytelling Assignments:

Nutella in a Winter Wonderland (3/5)

Sam-I-Am (3/5)

Leave a Message You Will (3/5)

Johnny Chipmunk (3/5)

Total: 12 stars

Unused Media:

  • shout: this was going to be the basis for my DS106 radio ad
  • polarbear: this was for the Big Caption assignment
  • bikefire: this was a picture I took during my design safari
  • leaf: this was a picture I took during my design safari

Daily Creates:

TDC274: Exteme Edit


I took a picture of a can of my shaving cream and made it EXTREME by upping the saturation and contrast in GIMP. You may notice I am very fond of the Barbasol logo.

TDC275: If a tree in your yard could talk…

This was by far my favorite dailycreate of the week, and my first exposure to audio assignments. I do not have a green thumb.

TDC277: Non-dominant emotion!

Wrist Pain 101

I was surprised with how useless my left hand was, I drew a quick angry face in Paint. I’m frightened of what would happen if I broke my right hand, if my penmanship with my left hand is as bad as my artistry, I’m in trouble.

TDC278: Take a picture of the first…

I can see!

Without these I am blind. One has fallen out before and I had to drive home with one eye closed. I doubt law enforcement would be pleased to hear about this.

TDC285: Record yourself repeating words from a favorite movie…

Another assignment in which I can utilize Cool Hand Luke! I could recite most of this movie from memory. I just recorded myself saying the line with CHL saying it in the background.

TDC286: Create a drawing of something…

Number Pumpkin

And I didn’t even use the 6′s! This is a Paint created binary tribute to Halloween.


  • We all sort of came to the same conclusion on our own, the three of us were all set on Roadtrips. We started early with an chain of emails going back and forth to organize who would do what and when. We were also able to meet in person once, which was really helpful for bringing the show together.
  • The easiest part of working in a group is that we all sort of already knew each other (at least casually) and the hardest part was making sure everyone had the same unified vision for the final product.
  • I decided what I was going to do for the show mostly playing off my strengths, I’m pretty comfortable speaking and recording my voice.
  • I think our show hold together very well, especially thematically. I think we told our story pretty successfully, there are things I might polish if given more time, but I really liked our final product.
  • I would say that I am very comfortable now with audio manipulation. Audacity is probably the software I am most familiar with now. I honestly don’t know what I expected, I think I expected it to be weighted heavier towards visual media, I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of audio assignments we’ve had.



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