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Final Summary Post

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Here is my final project. I really enjoyed it and focused on revisiting some assignments I had enjoyed in the past. I may have taken the “story” aspect a bit too liter

ally but by picking a silent-era actor this was the only way I felt I could put a cohesive product together. I hope it piques readers interests into Buster Keaton and actors of that era, I am always surprised by how entertaining and refreshing it is.

Here was my original post on Storytelling, I had a pretty broad definition and still very much see digital storytelling as “storytelling plus.” Multimedia to me, improves the experience for the audience. Now, there are things to be said for the simplicity of a book, but people seem to prefer multi-layered media. I mean, who would have anticipated the popularity of music videos? But they were a natural progression of the combination of forms of media.

Here is my assignment summary and here is my tutorial summary.

Here is my “Best Work.” I picked them for a couple different reasons. The first picture was a really interesting learning experience for me and my first attempt at using something other than paint to edit photos. The Watchmen assignment was very time consuming and I am happy with the level of detail I put into it. I have always loved Star Wars bumper stickers, and that Lord of the Rings assignment was a huge undertaking, I am very proud of the resourcefulness I had to employ to finish that thing. I find myself going back and watching that Anakin video every once and while, the music fits so well!

Here is my succinct and cliche advice to the spirit of ds106 future.

I had fun this semester! This was my first online class, so there were some adjustments to get used to, but I think it went smoothly overall. And it forced me to join a lot of websites I should probably had already joined, so it dragged me into the modern era, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.


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