The First Tuesday Video: Have You Done Your Burpees?

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Hey there DS106ers. Alan and I are ridiculously excited by the level of activity we’re already seeing from most of our UMW students. It’s also awesome to see some new Open, Online participants signing up. And, over the next few weeks, we’ll be welcoming students from CUNY and Kennesaw University. Should be a fun semester of making art, damnit!

Here’s our first Tuesday Video, talking a bit more in-depth about Boot Camp activities for Week One. There are some good tips in here about embedding video and customizing your WordPress blog, as well as some more information about Daily Creates. There are also a couple of shout-outs to two UMW students! Make sure to watch the whole thing. . .


  1. Mike Berta

    August 29, 2012

    Burpees!?! I’m more of a fartlek guy myself. Loved the video assignment. Keychains are a window into someone’s life.

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