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  1. Martha

    Week 15: The Final Countdown

    cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by gavinzac That’s right, everyone, we are in the final two weeks of this semester of ds106 at UMW. For the most part, everyone should know what they need to do between now and December 14th, but there are a...
  2. Martha

    Weeks 13 & 14: ximeR

    For the next two weeks, you’ll be exploring the ideas of remixes and mashups, the artistic recasting of existing media into new forms by creative combination and editing. This will build off of your previous work in all media forms. And we will even remix assignments.
  3. Martha

    Designing Your Way into Week 6

    We’ve wrapped up our week on visual storytelling and photography, and this week we’re diving into design. You’ll spend some time this week thinking about the way the world around you is designed, as well as creating some of your own design projects.
  4. Martha

    Week Four: Learning to Listen

    This week in ds106 we’re going to be diving into our first storytelling genre: audio. Working with audio can be a bit daunting and unfamiliar, so we’ll be easing you into it this week. We’ll ask you to do some listening exercises as well as begin to create your own...
  5. Martha

    Martha’s First Office Hours

    Had a Google Hangout tonight for anyone who wanted to stop by and get help or ask questions about ds106. It was 43 minutes long. But that’s not because anyone came. Well, one person came, but he isn’t a ds106 student. Here’s the video, but really nothing happens (other than...
  6. Martha

    It’s time for a Tuesday Video!

    Check out our Week 3 Tuesday Video. Alan and I recap Boot Camp and talk a little about what we’ll be doing this week. You’ll get some tips for tagging, using Twitter, and more! Remember, we’re incredibly funny and entertaining so you MUST watch the whole thing!
  7. Martha

    Week 2: Bootcamping It

    Congratulations! You’ve officially completed your first week of ds106 bootcamp. You should be proud of your accomplishments (assuming you did get everything done!). This week, we’ll be continuing to work our way through the ds106 obstacle course as you work further on customizing your blogs, wrap your heads around the...
  8. Martha


    _cpzh4: My final review on ds106, _cre1l: Audio, _d415a:, _d5fpr: 2cupsup, _clrrx: 219, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>AudioAssignments219</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>AudioAssignments</a>
  9. Martha


    _cpzh4: My Final Review of ds106, _cre1l: Audio, _d415a:, _d5fpr: 2cupsup, _clrrx: 217, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>AudioAssignments217</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>AudioAssignments</a>
  10. Martha


    _cpzh4: My final review for ds106, _cre1l: Audio, _d415a:, _d5fpr: 2cupsup, _clrrx: 218, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>AudioAssignments218</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>AudioAssignments</a>
  11. Martha


    _cpzh4: Pretty straight forward nothing more than meets the eye, _cre1l: Visual, _clrrx: 180, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments180</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments</a>
  12. Martha

    Bart in trouble…

    _cpzh4: My first gif animate. I use one poster from Simpsons movie, and some changes using photoshop. , _cre1l: Visual, _d415a:, _d5fpr: Jose Carlos, _clrrx: 22, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments22</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments</a>
  13. Martha

    Haiku it up!

    _cpzh4: I decided to choose the writing assignment haiku it up to do as another project. I picked one of my favorite pictures from the Dailyshoot to write about. Also, I wanted to include the haiku on the photograph itself, so I went to to put the text on there and add the border. , _cre1l: Writing, _d415a:, _d5fpr: Sofia Ahmad, _clrrx: 116, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>WritingAssignments116</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>WritingAssignments</a>
  14. Martha

    Happy ever after for a day

    _cpzh4: My first animated gif from one of the movies I always loved: "Paris, Texas" by Wim Wnders., _cre1l: Visual, _d415a:, _d5fpr: luzpearson, _clrrx: 136, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments136</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments</a>
  15. Martha

    Evolution of Phones !

    _cpzh4: Alot can happen from birth to death. Be creative, show how things; animals, objects, technology, evolve throughout time. This assignment doesn't have to be precise, your object evolving doesn't have to evolve the way is expected during the process of evolution. Be creative!, _cre1l: Visual, _d415a:, _d5fpr: Takeru Terajima, _clrrx: 200, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments200</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments</a>
  16. Martha

    Kuleshev Effect

    _cpzh4: Create your own Kuleshev effect demonstration by putting together 4 clips a la what AH describes here: 4 clips should be: 1) a medium or close-up shot of a person looking at the camera with no or subtle emotion x2 2) object of emotional response 1 (woman and baby in AH clip) 3) object of emotional response 2 (woman in bikini in AH clip), _cre1l: Video, _d415a:, _d5fpr: Mikhail Gershovich, _clrrx: 26, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>VideoAssignments26</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>VideoAssignments</a>
  17. Martha


    _cpzh4: will this work, _cre1l: Audio, _clrrx: 144, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>AudioAssignments144</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>AudioAssignments</a>
  18. Martha


    _cpzh4: yjybiet217, <a href="">lleexigwnl</a> , [url=]zxzyrocfhr[/url], lleexigwnl, _cre1l: Visual, _d415a: tdgswkxq, _d5fpr: tdgswkxq, _clrrx: 164, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments164</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments</a>
  19. Martha

    BigCaption: Who’s Laughing Now?

    _cpzh4: I saw this picture of really happy revelers at Glastonbury Festival - just sheer joy on their faces... and I thought, well this is so straight forward - what if I turned it on its head... what if they weren't just really cool people having good fun... but something more sinister.. AND with so much trouble in the world and so many wars etc.. should anyone really be smiling? OK, lighten up, I know.. but back to the juxtaposition... I started by thinking of the reasons why folks shouldn't be smiling - or why in reality so many folks are NOT smiling - times are tough! - anyway - so who MIGHT be smiling these days... a-ha.... it came to me..., _cre1l: Visual, _d415a:, _d5fpr: Suzanne, _clrrx: 148, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments148</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments</a>
  20. Martha

    Bear Bottle

    _cpzh4: dailyshoot of water, _cre1l: Visual, _d415a:, _d5fpr: luzpearson, _clrrx: 140, _cyevm: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments140</a>, _cztg3: <a rel='tag'>VisualAssignments</a>

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