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Weekly Reflections #1

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1.) So I first looked at the video of Robert Hughes on creating art. I honestly had to watch this video a few times to get what he was truly saying. It didn’t really stick with me. His monotone voice and lack of personality and creativity didn’t connect with what his purpose was.However, I do like his purpose. I really liked when he said “some twit from the University of central paranoia sticking pins in himself and thinking this is the real thing this is the necessary art of our time and this leads respect because it isn’t and it doesn’t”  This quote really stood out with me because I completely agree. I am not an art critic, nor am I an artist but I do think that there is a line when it comes to what truly is art and what is not. Art is all about emotions, not the fact that you can stick yourself with a million needles or scribble on paper. It should reflect what you feel and believe. Another quote that stuck with me from this video is that art’s purpose is to ”make the world whole…not through arguments but through feeling”. I think that about sums up the meaning of his video

2.) The next video I loved!! I have seen this before and have always loved the way he explains things. Learning, for me, seems to be easier when it is picture based. His methods are amazing! The point that has always stuck with me from this video is that when two good ideas from two people come together it creates a bigger picture that “creates a good idea”. He uses the phrase “collisions between smaller hunches” to describe this phenomena. I am a big believer in two great minds are better than one.

This picture from the video is my favorite. I love that he uses the turtles for the “hunches”


3.) Some of these rules I felt agree with my perception of being a student/creator, while others did not. One in particular is Rule 6: Follow the leader. I was always taught to be a leader, not a follower. Now, I know on some occasions I do not always follow my rule of being a leader and do find myself on being a follower. But I do believe you can learn a lot from following a good leader. I really think the rule that resonated with me most is “Be happy whenever you can manage it”. To me, this is the whole point of life, to be happy. Life just seems pointless without happiness.

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