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Shew! Survived the First Week of Bootcamp!

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I thought the videos assigned for the week were interesting. Hughes’ take is that art is ever-changing, ever-evolving. I do have to say that although he alluded to history not changing, it in fact does, because new evidence can be discovered. Art is about emotion, and I’m excited to create art in this class. The other video describes a free-flow, sharing of ideas, sort of collaborative approach to achieving a ‘hunch’ and making it succeed. To anyone who has done a collab study guide over google docs, this is excellent. I like collaborating on assignments, especially with a bunch of people who have all the same goal of success in mind. The final list I thought was applicable to all aspects of anything really. I definitely agree with the one about creating and analyzing at the same time, it does not work!

I really like the spontaneity of the Daily Create. I was really nervous at first because I felt like I didn’t have anything to talk about. But it got me to seriously think about my keys, something I just put in my pocket everyday and kind of ignore the uses of. I think the rest of the Daily Creates will be super fun.


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My about page should still be considered as under construction. I have some things I want to add and link to.

The first week of ds106 had me feeling proud, weird, uncomfortable, and happy! I am still feeling uncomfortable but not paralyzed, the mantra of Dr. McClurken. I am really hopeful that I can accomplish everything and make it look like a breeze (although my secret weapon is contacting Caitlin when all else fails). I have already learned embedding, how to upload to youtube, how easy it is to tweet, and so many other things. I am dreading audio remixing for some reason, also any artistic aspects (they just give me anxiety). I am so excited about seeing other people’s achievements, my own, and just having fun while creating awesome things. At this very moment, I have no questions, although I’m sure Professor Burtis knows that I will not hesitate to ask should I encounter anything confusing. I’m looking forward to a great year!

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