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  1. kmatthe2


    Meet Judy Johnson: Here’s her autobiography, published with the help of her trusted aide, Kelsey Matthews. Judy wanted to learn how to introduce herself to Rhode Island. She went on the radio in Providence. The Rhode Islanders loved her! … Continue reading
  2. kmatthe2


    Here’s Judy’s autobiography: Yes, that is the real Aunt Judy with the teabag hat. I wanted to tie her to Sarah Palin, hence the ‘Maverick’ use. Also, I made myself co-author on there, since I am the one publicizing … Continue reading
  3. kmatthe2


    This is an assignment I made up myself! Woop! here’s Judy’s vlog. The idea behind it was to introduce Judy to the fine folks of Rhode Island. However, my dogs interrupted my recording. When I was editing it together, I … Continue reading
  4. kmatthe2

    Judy-Radio Interview

    Here’s where Judy was interviewed: I used the mulitpersonality assignment to have her interviewed. I am playing both characters, obviously. I just asked questions and then responded in Judy’s voice. Yes, the quote about Sarah Palin is from the actual … Continue reading
  5. kmatthe2


    Here are my two tutorials One-This was from the redub the audio assignment. I really liked the redub and enjoyed planning it out! Two-NBC really sucks, and I think they’re blocking my content right now. But, this assignment is still … Continue Reading →
  6. kmatthe2


    Ok, ok. Don’t hurt me. I went to the recycling phonar. I saw some stuff I could use for this song that is one of my favorites. It’s off the weeds soundtrack and is entitled f—was I thinking. Yeah, a … Continue Reading →
  7. kmatthe2

    Remix #2

    for this remix, I used a new assignment, the movie song mashup! I might have interpreted it wrong, but here I’ve tried to combine two songs, Candle on the Water and Safe and Sound. Candle on the water is a … Continue Reading →

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