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Video Assignment #2

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For this assignment, I picked redubbing the audio.

First, pick the clip you want. I chose to do a clip from A League of Their Own. I love the scene where Tom Hanks totally goes off and talks about how “there’s no crying in baseball”.

Second, make sure this is a clip that can have the audio changed to a completely different meaning. I chose to make it about him breaking up with her, since she is crying and all. Suggestion: Remember the Titans cafeteria scene: make Denzel’s monologue about the horrible quality of cafeteria food rather than about intermingling.

I downloaded the clip from youtube using iLivid. Just put the URL into iLivid and it will do the work for you. This downloads the clip directly to your videos folder. From there, I moved the clip into Adobe Premiere. Since I had already spent a lot of time with Premiere from Assignment #1, I felt a lot better. Suggestion: Play around with Premiere before using it. It’s better to practice than really mess something up.

I named the project ‘no crying in baseball’. From the left bottom, I simply clicked and dragged my video file (freshly imported) to the main box. Once it showed up on the upper right screen, I played it to make sure it worked and got a feel for what I needed to do and then I went where it shows the video and audio tracks on a timeline and clicked the little speaker/volume control by the audio track. This muted the clip, which is what you need to do. I docked Premiere to the left of my screen using windows button and left arrow. I opened audacity and put it to the right side of my screen (windows button + right arrow). I pressed record in audacity and then pressed play for the clip in premiere. As I was watching the video, I recorded myself saying things after a breakup. The only downside is being able to play one character. After my recording was finished, I clipped out parts I didn’t need–long silences and such by using the highlight and delete method.

I exported the audio as mp3 to my desktop. I went back to Premiere and then imported the mp3. Just like with the video, I dragged it from the left bottom side over to the right bottom side where it showed up on the audio 2 track timeline thing. I played the clip to make sure it at least made somewhat sense. I trimmed the excess with the razor tool in Premiere. Then I went to file–export–media. I chose to export as MPEG4 to my desktop; I also checked the maximum render quality box. I then uploaded my clip to youtube. Here it is:

Suggestion: the shorter the clip, the easier it is to manage.

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