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Assignment Ideas

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Here are my assignment ideas:

One-Swap Shop! This was inspired by an actual radio show that occurs where I grew up on the Eastern Shore. I mixed it up a little to make it funnier, but it often is pretty funny anyway. I used Audacity to record myself and change the pitch of my voice.

Two-The Digital Short Mash-up-after thinking about it, this assignment may need to be reworked. (oh, and I bent the rules a little in combining the welcome to the world assignment post with the tutorial, but it made more sense to talk about it in the context of it being a new assignment and have the tutorial directly attached). To avoid NBC and their trolls, it might be best to perform these yourself, do it only in audio, or make your own as a response to a digital short. I’m still mulling this over, as the perfectionist in me is not satisfied completely.

Three-Fake a Vlog! I really like this idea. Expression is such an important aspect of storytelling, and the vlogger is in complete control in this one! I was inspired by Jenna Marbles and Nicole 337 of Youtube fame. Enjoy!

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