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Calling Ace Ventura

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I came across the assignment Character Calls and thought it could be interesting to do. The only question was, which character should I do? I looked at some of the previous posts, however some of them the blogs had been deleted. I ended up discussing the assignment with my roommate. I explained to her what I was supposed to do. She immediately came up with Ace Ventura Pet Detective. And all I could think was how come I didn’t think of that one! It was perfect! I came up with the idea of combining animal sounds that stood out in the first movie to make one big animal call. I used a dog bark because in the beginning he saves an abused dog. I used the dolphin call because his big job is to save the dolphin mascot. The monkey call comes from his pet monkey as well as the macaw call. However, these calls weren’t enough to satisfy me. I ended up think of the “dun dun dun” signifying danger. Ace Ventura is a pet detective and rescues a pet in danger, so it only makes sense that his call would include some sort of indicator of danger.

I used audacity to put all of these sounds together. I had to cut most of the sounds down to try and get the perfect animal noise. I then had to rearrange the sounds in an order that sounded best and made sense. I put the dog first (in the movie he comes first), then the dolphin (he is the big job), and then his two friends in the end. I put them in order which I thought sounded best. I tried to change the pitch on the dolphin noise to get it to be louder, but it just didn’t sound like a dolphin noise so I took that out. Turns out, the sounds were perfect the way they were made.



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