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Chipmunkd’ my favorite artist…..mixed emotions.

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The first Audio assignment I chose to do was called Mainstream Chipmunkd’, worth 3 stars.  Its goal was to take one of your favorite songs and chipmunk it to make it sounds cool.  Anyone that is my friend could tell you that my favorite artist of all times is Rascal Flatts.  The first thing I did was open Audacity and go into File and select a new template to create this skeptical master piece! I went into the File tab and selected import then Audio which then led me to my itunes playlist.  I selected the song Feels Like Today by Rascal Flatts and imported it into the audacity template.  I selected the song with the curser then went and clicked onto the Effects tab and scrolled down until I found the Change Pitch selection and proceeded to click on it.  I then adjusted the scroll bar to the right and clicked ok.  I pressed play and was shocked to hear my favorite artist come across in chipmunk voices.  I was really happy with how the adjustment came out.  The next step that I did was to click on the File tab and click export, naming the file: Chipmunk Rascal Flatts.  I then opened up and uploaded the new version onto my account. Once it was uploaded onto soundcloud I added the tags AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments494, Rascal Flatts and ds106.

I even had soundcloud hook up to my twitter to let others view my creation

Chipmunkd’ Rascal Flatts…kindof cool :) #ds106 #soundcloud Chipmunkd Rascal Flatts …on #SoundCloud



Mainstream Chipmunkd’ (

       The object of this assignment is to take a mainstream artist and chipmunk them. As we reflect on our childhoods we realize that all the chipmunks were an awesome bunch and it is really easy to do this assignment. All you need is any kind of musical editing software like MIXXX and Virtual DJ (which are free). Second either raise the BPM (beats per minute) or edit pitch of the track. If it is a slower track just raise the tempo and try to give the song an upbeat personality. Make sure to tag your assignment and have fun!

If you complete this assignment, share it! If you are signed up with a blog that feeds the main DS106 site just use the following tags when writing the post on your own blog to have your example added below. (You must use BOTH tags!):AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments494

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