1. astegemi

    The Final Report


    For my final project I did a spin off on the Disney princesses having a bad side.  At first it was difficult to come up with an idea, but as I created each small piece of the final product more ideas started to flow in. What I want others to …

  2. astegemi

    Pay it forward- Recess edition


    For the pay it forward, I though it was a good idea to do a thought on how I expected the class to be and then briefly hint at a few issues I ran into, such as leaving my work till the end of the week, and how I thought …

  3. astegemi

    The Final Story: Pixar silencing Disney movie production


    When everyone thinks of the Disney princesses, they think of the picturesque life that is often coupled with the magical time seen at Walt Disney World.  Often times people don’t realize that the princesses had a rebellious time in their lives.  A preview for this rebellious time for the princesses …

  4. astegemi

    When the public finds out!


    Once Disney movie production received the ransom note from Pixar, along with the video displaying the Disney princesses in their rebellious years, they quickly decided to pull all movie releases for the month leading up to the release of Toy Story 3 along with the month Toy Story 3 was …

  5. astegemi

    The Rebellious Princesses


    Many people have heard of the various Disney princess and most of the time they are depicted as the perfect image of what every little girl wants to be.  They have their picture perfect life, after have gone through some turmoil in their Disney perceived life. Most people don’t know …

  6. astegemi

    Weekly Summary 13&14


    For weeks 13 and 14 the main theme was remix and mashups.  Before this week I used to think of mashup and remixes as taking specific things and mixing them together to create something new.  It didn’t cross my mind until after I watched a few references provided by my …

  7. astegemi

    Create an Assignment: WalkingDead-ify


    When I was coming up with a design assignment I thought it was a good idea to do something that people could possibly relate to and would be fun.  The first thing that came to mind was how obsessed some people are with the show The Walking Dead.  The show …

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