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If Dr. Suess ran school!

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Looking through the mashup assignments I came across, Mashed-up Children’s Book, and instantly thought of Dr. Suess.  Growing up reading all the Dr. Suess books I thought remaking one of the books was perfect. I googled a list of Dr. Suess book and found the one I thought would be perfect for a remix, If I Ran the Zoo.  I googled an image of the book cover then downloaded it onto GIMP.

I then googled food fight and kids out of control.  I chose those two topics, because I figured if I ran the school it would be utter chaos with kids destroying it and teachers not knowing what to do!
Running the school 3
Running the school 2
Running the school 1

I downloaded all of the pictures into GIIMP and used the lasso cutter to cut out the images, from their background, and add them to the book cover.  For the book cover, I found the same color as the background and colored over the word zoo and the animal on the front page.  I then took the eraser tool and wrote in School where the word Zoo used to be. Once the word school was in place I added all of the three images to the book cover page to display my thought of what would occur if I ran school.  Once the book cover was complete I exported it as a JPEG file to flickr where I tagged it with MashupAssignments56, MashupAssignments and ds106 so it would be recognized by the assignment bank.
Dr. Suess Remake


Assignment Details:
Mashedup Children’s Book (3 Stars)

Mashup a children’s book based on another cultural artifact. For example, framing Dr. Who as a children’s book in the aesthetic of a Dr. Suess’s work. See example from College Humor here:

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