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The Final Story: Pixar silencing Disney movie production

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When everyone thinks of the Disney princesses, they think of the picturesque life that is often coupled with the magical time seen at Walt Disney World.  Often times people don’t realize that the princesses had a rebellious time in their lives.  A preview for this rebellious time for the princesses is portrayed in a poster.
Disney-Princesses  Poster
With the new release of Toy Story 3 floating in the heads of the Pixar movie producers, which are a common rival of the Disney movie producers, Pixar needed a way to eliminate some major competition.  One of the producers at Pixar remembered a past employee, against business policy, went and hid cameras all around various Disney princesses homes, attempting to catch them doing something inappropriate or un princess like.  He then created a montage of all the misconduct/poor behavior of the “perfect” Disney princesses.

To keep Disney from releasing any movies near the time of release for Toy Story 3, Pixar sent a ransom note, to Disney movie productions, with a copy of the video montage.
Disney Ransom
This ransom note coupled with the video montage caught the attention of the Disney movie producers.  To prevent the degradation of character for the Disney princesses, Disney withdrew all movie releases for the time around when Toy Story 3 was released.  The public found out in various ways, one of which being a breaking news story over the radio.

It is safe to say that Pixar was successful in eliminating one of its major competitors in the movie industry and was able to gain major profit from Toy Story 3! But I must say that all though it was a clever way for Pixar to eliminate its competition for the time being, they might want to watch their back for what Disney might have up their sleeve.



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