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Final Project Idea and layout!

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For a final project I thought It would be cool to create a timeline kindof theme of my family through the years! I would start off with me and my sister at a young age and slowly progress through the years. To encorporate various media in it I was thinking of creating a collage.  Adding in some home videos and making an iMovie of various clips and images I have.   I wanted to make the final project relatable to myself and something I could show my parents and they could enjoy and relate to when I was done with it.

If I find that this idea is not something I like, I plan to have a back up plan of a Disney themed princess montage, where I incorporate  various disney princesses to make a story.

  • I would create a pinterest page of all things princess related that the princesses would enjoy.
  • I would gather clips from various princess related videos and string them together to make a remix video.
  • I would create a collage for each of the individual princesses, portraying their lives.
  • I would possibly make a silent film of old Disney princess characters.
  • Possibly make a Disney playlist that the Princesses would enjoy.

More ideas are coming but as of right now that is my thoughts on what I would like to do for my final project.  

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