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When the public finds out!

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Once Disney movie production received the ransom note from Pixar, along with the video displaying the Disney princesses in their rebellious years, they quickly decided to pull all movie releases for the month leading up to the release of Toy Story 3 along with the month Toy Story 3 was released.  The video below depicts the breaking news report of the unknown reason as to why Disney pulled movie releases.   Although this listener isn’t as concerned, many others questioned as to why Disney had such a sudden change. The removal of movie releases for Disney became breaking news, but reporters helped to relieve listeners concerns by suggesting to go see Toy Story 3, which worked out perfectly for Pixar’s plan.


Video Creation:
To create this video I encorporated a soundclip that I made using Audacity and uploaded onto soundcloud…
I then found a picture of a car radio and downloaded it onto my computer…


I then found a youtube video of a female driver and cut it down to use for the video.

Once the video was cut down into the proper pieces that I wanted I opened the clips in iMovie, where I put in the picture of the car radio, in between the two video clips.  I edited the picture properties so it would be on the video screen for 17 seconds, which is how long the soundclip I made for the breaking news report.  I then clicked on the music button and found the saved breaking news clip and placed it to overlap with the 17second picture.  Once they were overlapped I put the second clip that was cut from the video behind it.  The video was then exported onto youtube and tagged with ds106 and set to private for everyone to see.

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