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Come Chipmunk With Me

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Ready for a fun Audio Assignment? Because when I saw this, I knew exactly which artist I wanted to use. The assignment was called “Mainstream Chipmunk’d“, and we were  supposed to take a mainstream song and make it sound like a chipmunk is singing it. If you’ve never heard of Alvin and the Chipmunks…you may want to read up and listen to some of their tunes!

Anyways, I chose to pick a song, that isn’t necessarily mainstream now, but more like 1958! This may seem totally wrong and horrible, but I decided to chipmunk Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me!!

So I created this by using Fastest Youtube Downloader to download the song straight from Youtube and uploaded it to Audacity. From there, it was recommended to just change the Beats Per Minute(BPM). However, I first played with the pitch, which actually sounded good. But when the vocals went away and the instruments came in, they seemed to screech. So then I changed the tempo, which sped up the screeching(which makes it bearable) but also makes the audio seem even more upbeat than it already was!

The end result, I think, makes for a good Chipmunk’s song. I also like that I didn’t make Frank Sinatra have the squeakiest voice in the world, like most people do when the they edit a track…to me, he sounds a little like Simon!


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