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  1. sgtsocks

    The Final Post

    My final summary, then I’m heading home for break! So, here is my final story. I tried my best to make a short story that implemented what I do with EMS and make it fun. Sure, I didn’t entirely go into someone getting hurt, or me fixing them, but I showed what would happen and how we would respond. I took a look into what a 911 call would sound like, how we would be dispatched, what units would be necessary for the situation. I had fun creating it because I love spreading the word and knowledge of what we do. Most people don’t understand everything we do, but when … Continue reading
  2. sgtsocks

    That’s All Folks!

    Alright everyone, this is it. For all my DS successors, good luck in your endeavors. This class is what you make of it, so make it awesome. And here it is, my Looney Rescue Story. Full Craiglist Ad can be found here:     So I wanted to do something within the confines of my passion for Fire and Rescue. If you read my planning post, you knew this was coming. I was given some ideas on how to make a more compelling story by changing the subject and making it less real and more fiction. @Cogdog mentioned cartoons and I dropped all the ideas I had. I had … Continue reading
  3. sgtsocks

    Movie Sequel

    Are you waiting for a sequel? Is Hollywood not going to give you that satisfaction, or is your patience with them just wearing thin? Well then do I have the assignment for you! This assignment asks to “Create a movie poster for a movie sequel that you wished they would have made. You can create a poster for a movie that will never be made or one that those people in Hollywood are taking too long to produce! As an alternative, if there already is a sequel and you think you could’ve made a better movie poster, show us!” I had this idea from a project I created in Photoshop … Continue reading
  4. sgtsocks

    911, What’s Your Emergency?

    Psh, I work for Emergency Services, who didn’t see this one coming? This assignment is a giant two-fer if you ask me! I get to complete an Assignment Proposal as well as work on my final project. If you read my post about The Final Countdown you could guess that my Final Project relates to emergencies and the like. However, what you can’t see, is that @cogdog opened my eyes to a real story to tell when he said ” Or what if you are something like the EMS that responds to emergencies of cartoon characters? ” with a comment on Canvas. This TOTALLY made me rethink my final project, … Continue reading
  5. sgtsocks

    How To Make A Movie In 10 Steps

    Wow, you’ve come a long way if you’re now reaching your Video Assignment week of DS106. Pat yourself on the back, it’s a lot of work and a lot of thinking! Since you’re here, you must be wondering how to create a video that kicks ass or just for the Everyday Modern Marvels Assignment! Well lucky you, I broke the ice(and am currently 12/4/2012 still the only one who has!) and now it’s time for you to top my video! But, I’m not worried about that, this tutorial is for you to see how I made my video. After watching you can go produce your own masterpiece and 1-up me! … Continue reading
  6. sgtsocks

    Learn To Draw In 10 Steps

    Welcome to my DS106 Tutorial on how to create a drawing! If you’re unfortunate, like myself, and don’t have Photoshop, don’t sweat it. This quick tutorial is going to make using GIMP as easy as possible for all you new DS106ers! Now most of you may have clicked this by going through the “Draw it.” assignment and seeing the tutorials…So you must be aiming to get the 2 stars for the assignment, woohoo! I also did this assignment, A Man and His Dog, and understand the frustrations of using GIMP and other new programs. The Internet is a big help with answers/tutorials, which also helped me with my own assignment. … Continue reading
  7. sgtsocks

    Tis The Season

    Of wrapping and remixing! Wrapping up of the Fall 2012 school semester, the end of DS106 Fall 2012 Semester, and presents of course! Over the past two weeks we’ve been to Thanksgiving with remixes, and now into December with mashing! Thanksgiving seems like forever ago at this point, but I think I’ll blame school for the eternity of hell it seems everyone is going through. I have a “To do.” list sitting in front of me chock-full of assignments for every class that is due by next weekend…Oh boy, I better get a move-on! The upside to DS106, however, is that I have to create 2 tutorials, an assignment proposal … Continue reading
  8. sgtsocks

    Remember to Recycle

    Have we had a real mandatory assignment lately? I can’t even remember! But lucky us(DS106 students) this assignment could count towards mash-up stars, woohoo! I don’t need all the stars, but let’s see what I can whip up when I Recycle The Media. “Your task for this assignment is to mashup at least 7 different pieces of this media to make a new story, and use at least 2 different types (e.g. audio and image, image and video). The story most likely would be done as a video, but see if you can make these different kinds of media make sense as the content. What kind of recycled story can … Continue reading
  9. sgtsocks

    I. Am. The. Law.

    Welcome to another post of epic mashup! This time we will be taking a chance with the Mashup Those Movies assignment. “Take elements from multiple movie posters and mash them up into one. You can change anything- the caption, the title, the main image, etc. Lastly, make it seem like it could be a real movie.”At first I didn’t know what movies I wanted to mash. So I looked up movies from 2012 so that hopefully everyone that sees it will know the movies I used. It took me until August to have a light-bulb moment! As I was scrolling I found Lawless, a movie I saw earlier this year … Continue reading
  10. sgtsocks

    Sheetz Long Lost Soda

    This week was mashup week(crazy huh?) and my first assignment to do was Consumer Mashup. This assignment asked, “Think of anyplace you spend money, and what you most often buy at that place. Then redesign their logo to incorporate your favorite product.” Well, if you go back to my post waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in week one, you would find my video for my keychain story…and if you watched that, you would find out that one of my favorite places to go is Sheetz. It’s convenient, it’s cheap, it has gas, and I have a Sheetz Card, Woot! But one thing always baffled me…Most convenient stores/grocery stores have their own generic soda … Continue reading
  11. sgtsocks


    Do you hate Excel? Well, that sucks, because I don’t and I’m about to show you the Spreadsheet Invasion assignment! This assignment tells you to reclaim Excel and use colors as your medium…Essentially, make a movie of art creation in Excel using those pesky little cells and a lot a bit of COLOR! WAIT, THIS ISN’T DESIGN WEEK!!!! RRRRRREEEEEEMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIXXXXXX! If you didn’t hate Excel before, and if you tried the Spreadsheet Invasion assignment already, how about putting a remix card with it? Let me show you how it’s done! My Spreadsheet Invasion was remixed with none other than the Dr. Suess It. Introduce a character, quote, or other element inspired … Continue reading
  12. sgtsocks

    DS106 Fall 2012: The Final Countdown

    As classes are coming to a close for the University of Mary Washington Fall 2012 semester, final projects are being assigned. For DS106, we have final projects, but the class won’t end. I’ve learned that Digital Storytelling is a all-year, every-year, class. Some students drop off the deep end and their accounts expire, but others are still up and running. Anyways, our big finale is to use our skills in Visual, Design, Audio, Video, and Web creation to narrate our own story. The past 14 weeks have been building up for this, and I would recommend this class to anyone, even if you just need an extra class. It’s by … Continue reading
  13. sgtsocks

    seXIMer dna yEkRut

    Happy Turkey Day!! Over the next two weeks our DS106 class will be delving into remixes, mashups, and all other kinds of shenanigans! But, in an effort to get done early, I’m “working” on Thanksgiving/on break. (Since when is DS106 work?) I was watching the videos on remixing this week… Everything Is A Remix Part 1 Everything Is A Remix Part 3 A Fair(y) Use Tale …and my Mother came in and said, “I thought you were doing homework?” In reply, “I am doing homework…now do you understand why I like this class? I’m learning and developing skills, but having fun doing so! Can’t say that about Spanish!” She actually … Continue reading
  14. sgtsocks

    Watch and Learn

    Now bring on the turkey! I’m ready to head home for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to relaxing on the couch and eating delicious food! I hope every single one of you are able to enjoy the holiday just the same. Anyways, what week is it again? I can’t even remember! BUT it was Video Week. Video week was challenging and scary at the beginning. But I pushed through and wrote a script for each of the videos I produced. I then proceeded to get everything I needed together to make my videos. I did one at a time (so I wouldn’t get flustered) and I think that my videos came out … Continue reading
  15. sgtsocks

    Chicken: It’s What’s For Dinner

    So, for my final video assignment, I saved the best for last. How so? Well it’s the cooliest, the best I worked on, the longest, AND I got to eat it afterwards! So what is this amazing assignment? ITS A COOKING SHOW!! The main course? Chicken Diable. So lucky me, my girlfriend loves my cooking. (Not, I hate to cook lol) But anyways, I told her I would make her dinner if she would record me doing it…now who would say no to that?! So, I now had a project to accomplish. I need a set…my apartments kitchen is small and nasty…can I use your house? Sure. Awesomeness Points: Olivia … Continue reading
  16. sgtsocks

    EMS Skills for Beginners

    Hmmm, after one video, I’m thinking I could possibly make my own series of EMS tutorials to help teach new members down at the station! (Maybe someday) This assignment was titled Everyday Modern Marvels. The assignment is to create or assemble something and overlay with audio each step. Well, I sure am becoming a master at overlaying audio on my videos in Windows Movie Maker, so how hard could this be?! Let’s give it a whirl! Now, there are a TON of things to learn as you are coming into the EMS field as a newbie. (But it is okay, we were all there at one point in our lives … Continue reading
  17. sgtsocks


    Me: Well, Mom, it is saying the print spooler is offline. Mom: What the hell does that mean? You know I don’t use computers like you, your brother and your Father! I just want to print! Me: Well you have to turn the print spooler on. Mom: …And how do I do that? Me: Here, let me show you. Mom: Write down the steps so I can do it when you go away to school! Me: Alright. ….Yet, somehow, that piece of paper has gone missing and I STILL get asked to help fix the computer! Well, I have my final solution…A video to show her how to fix the … Continue reading
  18. sgtsocks

    Inside the Animal Mind

    My first video assignment for this week was the What Do Pets Think About? The assignment asked for us to create a video where the animal looks like it’s thinking, then narrate what they were thinking. I threw a little spin on this. I decided to narrate what my girlfriend’s dog was thinking, but I did it while I was playing with him. My girlfriend SWEARS that he is a smart dog…but I beg to differ. I think he’s gotten goofy with old age(and may be a little slow). So although I pick on him, he is a sweet dog…and perfect for my narration of what he was thinking about! … Continue reading
  19. sgtsocks

    The Beginning of The End

    Ladies and Gentlemen, let it be known, that at the end of week 10, I have finally procrastinated to the absolute last minute to do homework for DS106. I actually have to say I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping up with everything I’m involved with over the past 10 weeks. However, I’m started to burn out and the grind is getting to me. I unfortunately am seeing the ill-effects of having to work, volunteer, and do final projects for classes. I’m cutting back on my work hours and completely turning away from having fun so that I can continue to have good grades as I have my final project … Continue reading
  20. sgtsocks

    Week 10 – PreProduction

    The assignments I chose to pre-produce are the “Play by Play” and “What Do Pets Think About?” I find that when I’m sitting around playing games or even watching tv, I like to make my own narration for everything. I LOVE playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band and grab the microphone and sing…but I don’t sing the lyrics, I make up my own ,with the same tones so that we pass, but my friends usually end up laughing until they cry! So what I think I will aim at is audio-dubbing videos because I realized this week that I’m not the best with editing video. I don’t have the video’s that I … Continue reading
  21. sgtsocks

    Exploring the Movie – Training Day

    So the clips I chose to watch and write about are from the movie Training Day. From the IMDb page, as well as other pages(I have the sources on the same paper with notes that I lost…FRUSTRATION) I found out that Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke actually talked and followed around undercover police, gang members, AND DRUG DEALERS! Really? They are allowed to deal drugs and actors can go to them so they can play the part better, but we can’t take them off of the streets? Interesting and silly at the same time. Another thing I learned was that the movie was filmed in some gang-run neighborhoods. One of … Continue reading
  22. sgtsocks

    Look, Listen, Analyze – Training Day

    Okay, so to be honest, I’m BEYOND pissed right now because I can’t find the notes that I wrote while watching The assignment this week was to play this clip 3 times; First with video, no volume. Second with audio, no video. Lastly put them together and catch anything you didn’t notice the first time. Since I lost my notes, you’re going to need to bear with me….(If I find my notes, I will make a whole new post the way I originally wanted it.) First watch – I noticed in the beginning that the camera angles changed fast and focused on different things during the action sequence. As the … Continue reading
  23. sgtsocks

    h4X0Rs 0n 7h3 W3b

    This week is going to be short and sweet. A lot of us on the East Coast are preparing for Hurricane Sandy, and that includes my rescue squad here in Fredericksburg! So if you’re looking for me after this post, I will most likely be on an ambulance from tomorrow until Wednesday morning! So let’s get cracking!! This week was Web Week. We were asked to go onto websites and add our own touch to them…touch? I MEAN TAKE THEM OVER!!! And our bestfriend/partner in crime to help us do that was Hackasaurus. They provided X-Ray Goggles which allowed us to edit web pages as we saw fit. Honestly, I … Continue reading
  24. sgtsocks

    RARE Wolf Lamp Found!

    Wolves That’s a link to my 2nd Assignment for Web assignments this week. The assignment is called “Significant Objects“, which was to find a low cost object and make it seem that it has a high value.
  25. sgtsocks

    Mountain Lion Ad

    Mountain Lion Ad That is a link to my awesome Mountain Lion Ad Webpage! This week we were assigned to do “Storytelling With the Web” , which was to alter a website and tell a story.
  26. sgtsocks

    The Brick House Review

    Last week our DS106 class finished our radio shows, and on Monday and Tuesday, those shows were broadcasted live on DS106Radio. Each group this week has been assigned to listen and review another groups radio show. Those of us who created Radio WRTZ were requested to listen and review The Brick House: Halloween Special. So go ahead and give it a listen, and you can do your own review!! But here is mine: Quality of Audio Sound – The volume was appropriate, there was minimal unnecessary background noise, and the voices of the group speaking were very clear. Quality of Audio Editing – The audio effects were rare in this … Continue reading
  27. sgtsocks

    Misinterpretation Translation!

    Throughout high-school and college, foreign language teachers and professors are ALWAYS telling their students never to use . I usually abide by their requests, knowing that most translations turn out horribly inaccurate. But, sometimes I will use it to translate part of a paragraph that I don’t understand, or to just find the quick translation of a word. Well, I win this week and this is how…It’s web assignment week…(I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m supposed to be doing lol) and there is an assignment worth 1 star called Google Translate Fail. I had a Spanish exam this week and my professor put out some … Continue reading
  28. sgtsocks

    Radio Week: Crank My Tunes

    Radio Week is going to be a summary of week 7 and week 8…mostly of week 8 because I did some group radio work and some Daily Creates in week 7, but then went home and relaxed and did NOTHING for the first time in a long while! Anyways, these two weeks were low on amount of work required, but when you got down to doing the assignment, it was easy to tell why…Audio takes time to manipulate and create something good. And it takes even more time to come up with something amazing. I never really worked with audio before this week, but I’m pleased with what I was … Continue reading
  29. sgtsocks

    Bad Body Style – feat. Carley and Bieber

    Saved the best for last!! (Actually, maybe not the best, but definitely the hardest!) I’ve been sitting here working on “The Contest Nobody Could Win” Assignment for about 2 hours…and sadly, I am not a winner. BUT that’s okay, because I had fun and got to mess with audio! (This makes me want to remix songs…but for some reason I know that won’t go well ) This Assignment asked to take 6 very short fragments of songs, and put them into a single piece…Well, I definitely breached my 6 second limit and ended up with about 30 extra seconds! Audio Assignment – 1 Rob – 0 But truly, I think … Continue reading
  30. sgtsocks

    Come Chipmunk With Me

    Ready for a fun Audio Assignment? Because when I saw this, I knew exactly which artist I wanted to use. The assignment was called “Mainstream Chipmunk’d“, and we were  supposed to take a mainstream song and make it sound like a chipmunk is singing it. If you’ve never heard of Alvin and the Chipmunks…you may want to read up and listen to some of their tunes! Anyways, I chose to pick a song, that isn’t necessarily mainstream now, but more like 1958! This may seem totally wrong and horrible, but I decided to chipmunk Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me!! So I created this by using Fastest Youtube Downloader to … Continue reading

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