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The Brick House Review

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Last week our DS106 class finished our radio shows, and on Monday and Tuesday, those shows were broadcasted live on DS106Radio. Each group this week has been assigned to listen and review another groups radio show. Those of us who created Radio WRTZ were requested to listen and review The Brick House: Halloween Special. So go ahead and give it a listen, and you can do your own review!!

But here is mine:

Quality of Audio Sound – The volume was appropriate, there was minimal unnecessary background noise, and the voices of the group speaking were very clear.

Quality of Audio Editing – The audio effects were rare in this show, however they were appropriate and good when used. Some of the transitions were very noticeable, but as the show progressed they weren’t any or otherwise they were very smooth.

Use of Sound Effects – Like said previously, there was rare usage of effects. I can only recall the use of the phone ringing, being picked up, being hung up!

Use of Music – I don’t believe there was any music in this show besides the audio in the bumpers.

Show Structure – I found that the group appeared to know what they wanted to say and they recorded. The beginning was a little stitched together, but as the interviewer began interviewing the Halloween Guests, the interviews appeared to be scripted and flowed smoothly.

Does It Tell a Story? – Well, not a story as a whole. Maybe some short stories from each character, but they weren’t exactly stories either. It was either just being interviewed or just random talking.

I would suggest using more effects throughout the broadcast. For example, for the person who kept calling in, it sounded like she was right there, maybe make it so that she sounded like she was actually on the phone. Definitely add some more tunes to the show, I understand that you went for more of a talk/interview show, but some music for relief from talking would’ve been nice. The story here had potential. I liked that you decided to interview different Halloween Characters, but their dialogue was random and weren’t exactly geared towards Halloween. I did notice that Dracula sort of turned into a Russian, but that’s okay because I thought it was a decent accent/gave comic relief! And lastly, the interviewer and the interviewee dominated most of the show. What happened to your 3rd partner that only called in for maybe a minutes worth of time out of 20 minutes? It was everyone’s first time and I know just how hard it was to come up with something decent even with an awesome group. Everyone that made a show deserves a pat on the back!

I rate 2/5 Stars for Brick House Panel Radio.


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