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Radio Show Reflection-Updated

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I think our radio show turned out really well.  Over fall break I made a radio bumper that I thought would go well with our show and I also recorded my part of the show.  These were some great tips for people of all ages.  I also threw in a couple of safety tips that I thought of myself.  For my radio bumper I used these two sounds that are called guitar string ominous and weird music construction kit (horror.wav).

For my part of the show I found many Halloween safety tips but I ended up with 10.¬† I chose 10 because it’s usually a good number for making lists and I didn’t want to bore people with a long list.¬† I found these tips on what better website but¬† In the background of my part of the show I added a sound from freesounds called Halloween street. This sound is just a background of what it sounds like on Halloween night on a neighborhood street.¬† I thought this would go well with what I was talking about for the show.

As a group we decided to meet one more time on Thursday October 18 to finalize our project and create an introduction for our radio show.¬†¬†The introduction turned out really well, and I can’t wait to¬†hear the whole show.

Updated October 20, 2012:

For this project I worked with 4 other people: Alex, Witt, Anapaula, and Maryam.  At the beginning of this project we started communicating on Canvas.  In total we ended up with 35 canvas messages sent.  For most of the project though we communicated on twitter using the tag #ADAAM which was the first letter of each of our names, that is eventually what we decided to call our show.  As a group we decided on the autumn theme and we decided to include different stories as well as some history of Halloween and safety tips.  We met two times in person for this project.  During our first meeting we discussed what each of us would talk about.  For our second meeting we worked on making an introduction for our show.

The hardest part of working as a group (for any group project) is not knowing whether or not everyone would actually do their part. But that was not the problem in this case.  Everyone in the group contributed their part and showed up to the two in person meetings we had.  It was also hard at first because as a class we do not meet in person every day so it was hard to just decide who to work with.  I think I had a really good group to work with for this project though.  Communicating to each other in the group was easy because we were all either on twitter and canvas, and we also emailed each other as well.  It was also easy after we decided who was able to do what for the project.

As a group we decided what each member was going to talk about.  I picked something to talk about in my comfort zone (Halloween safety tips) but for me recording myself and playing it back to see if it sounds alright is not in my comfort zone.  For me I get nervous giving a presentation in front of a large group of people, so recording my voice and playing it back is something I also get nervous about.  This is because I want it to sound the way it sounds in my head.   Actually with this whole audio unit I have been able to push myself to recording my voice and playing it back to me.

I feel like our show holds together as a whole.  As a group we created an introduction together and then we worked separately on our own part to the project.  Since our show consists of multiple stories I feel like we have achieved our goals on how we wanted our show to sound.  Each of our stories have a different sound and something different to it. I feel like everyone in the group worked hard on their part to create a great radio show.

I have enjoyed working with audio for a while¬†now, but audio has not been my favorite¬†unit¬†we have done in ds106.¬† I honestly didn’t really know what to expect with this audio unit.¬† I thought the audio unit would be some recording of material but I didn’t really know much about freesounds¬†and soundcloud before this class.¬† I also didn’t know that much about Audacity except that you can record something in it, now I have learned so much more about how to use audacity.¬† The audio unit was more than I had expected because I learned so much that I didn’t know about audio.¬† I also never really listened to the radio before this class but now I listen to it more often and I can see what goes into making a good radio show and how much work it really is.

I’m really looking forward to¬†listening to the radio show¬†live so everyone needs to come out and watch the ADAAM radio show¬†on October 23, 2012 at 9pm!

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