1. Abigail Andrews

    My Final Project-Sophie’s Journey


    For my final project I decided to focus on my dog Sophie.  This story is about her journey getting lost outside and being able to find her way home.  For this project I then decided that to do 3 different kinds of assignments and put them into one video.  Before …

  2. Abigail Andrews

    The Best of ds106!


    My Best Work Category

    While organizing my blog posts in their proper categories, I found 6 assignments that fell into my best work for this course.  My best work includes assignments done during bootcamp, visual, design, and video units of ds106.  I know that I did not include best work …

  3. Abigail Andrews

    Advice for Future DS106 Students


    To give advice for future ds106 students I decided to design a poster that signified the 10 commandments of ds106.  If you believe in them or not I think that most people have at least heard of the 10 Commandments of the Bible.  These 10 commandments of ds106 offer advice …

  4. Abigail Andrews

    2 Assignment Ideas


    It was fun to think of two different assignment ideas.  Though it was hard to think of new ideas that weren’t already thought of.  I decided to create a visual assignment and a design assignment.  I really enjoyed both of those units during this semester.  I have always enjoyed changing …

  5. Abigail Andrews



    I liked writing up tutorials for the two assignments I chose.  I know that while working on the assignments throughout this semester I wish there were some tutorials that helped me get through some of the assignments I chose.  But when there were no tutorials I decided to be creative …

  6. Abigail Andrews

    That’s Pinteresting Tutorial


    That’s Pinteresting

    Create something that might look like the screenshot of someone’s Pinterest (www.pinterest.com) account. It could be that of a fictional character (Harry Potter might pin “how to get rid of scars” or maybe Princess Leia is pinning “Easy Bun Hairdos”) or just things you personally like. This assignment …

  7. Abigail Andrews

    Week 13 & 14 Summary


    RemixThis:  I really liked starting out reviewing the references to remix and examples.  It helped me understand what a remix is and how to go about making my own remixes for these two weeks.  It also helped me understand more about copyright material and when I can use it.…

  8. Abigail Andrews

    Planning for Final Project


    I am looking forward to working on this final project.  It will be a lot of work but I’m really looking forward to using everything I’ve learned this year in class and put everything together.  I honestly cannot believe that this class is almost over.  For this project I decided …

  9. Abigail Andrews

    Remix This


    Review of 2 References on Remix:  I really enjoyed watching the references on remix.  This has really helped me get an idea on what a remix is and how to create one.  Remixing that I found out by these videos is putting two or more different things together.  There are …

  10. Abigail Andrews

    Week #10 Summary


    Video Editing Tools:  I am not familiar with video editing tools at all, but in the post I wrote about the tools I’m planning on using.  Throughout this week I was able to learn how to use these video editing tools.  I also feel better about using these tools for …

  11. Abigail Andrews

    Pre-Production of Video Assignments


    It was fun looking through the video assignments.  There were more choices in the video assignments than in the web assignments which I really liked looking through.  Here are two assignments that I’m considering on doing for week 11:

    1. One of the video assignments I am going to work …

  12. Abigail Andrews

    Two Daily Creates for Week 10!


    1. October 30, 2012: Stormy weather-Show us your best photo or representation of The Big Storm.

    This is a picture that represents all the leaves that have fallen from Hurricane Sandy.  This picture really represents what the UMW campus looks, leaves pretty much everywhere.

    2. November 1, 2012: Forced perspective- …

  13. Abigail Andrews

    Video Editing Tools I can Use


    To start off the week I am looking into all the video editing tools that I have.  Since I have a windows computer I will be using Window’s Movie maker. I have no experience with Window’s Movie Maker.  I actually have never heard of it before this class, but it …

  14. Abigail Andrews

    Analyzing the Movie-The Social Network


    Before working on this assignment I first started watching all of the videos about cinematic techniques.  These were very helpful and helped me know what to think of while watching the movie clip.  Out of all of the videos in the play lists listed I decided to choose to review …

  15. Abigail Andrews

    Week 9 Summary


    RoadTrip Radio Evaluation:  It was a lot of fun listening to someone else’s radio show.  It is really interesting to see what another group has come up with, and how different each radio shows can be from one another.  I wasn’t able to listen to every show live but I …

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