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Analyzing the Movie-The Social Network

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Before working on this assignment I first started watching all of the videos about cinematic techniques.¬† These were very helpful and helped me know what to think of while watching the movie clip.¬† Out of all of the videos in the play lists listed I decided to choose to review the clip from the movie the Social Network.¬† I decided on this clip because I have only seen the Social Network once (I think sometime last year),¬†so I don’t remember the movie too well.¬† I also think the ending scenes of any movie are very important.¬† They set the stage for how people view the movie, if they think it is a good or bad movie.

1.Before watching the first time, slide the volume on the clip (or on your computer) all the way down. Take notes on the visual aspects of the clip. Look for camera angles, cuts, how many times the camera switches view, the quality of light. Look for the ways the camera tells, guides the story. The scene played out in this clip is the very last scene of the movie.¬† The scene is not too dark¬†but it is not to light either in terms¬†of brightness.¬† At first the camera not zoomed in and a woman leaves the room closing the door behind her.¬† You just see her back as she leaves the room.¬† This shows dominant contrast because¬†the woman¬†is not shown clearly in this clip, but you still focus your attention on her for just a moment.¬† The main¬†focus of this scene is Mark Zuckerburg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) sitting at his computer, and deciding to send a friend request to Erica Albright (played by Rooney Mara).¬† There are many¬†different kinds of camera zooms in this clip.¬†The camera zooms in on him some and then zooms to what his computer screen shows.¬† At the end words come up telling what happened to the people that were in the movie. The camera angle changes between looking at Mark’s face to looking at the computer screen and his hands while typing.¬† According to Ebert since the camera angle is at the point of view below the eye line is really enhances Mark’s character.¬† It also enhances the image on the computer so it is more clear to the person watching what is going on.¬†With this I believe that I know what is happening in the scene.

2. Now turn the volume up, but play it without looking at the screen; just tune into the audio. Take notes on the pacing of the dialogue, the spaces in the the audio, the use of music or sound effects (think back to our work earlier on listening to audio). There are sound effects with doors opening and closing at the beginning of this clip.  There is sound of Mark typing on his keyboard.  Then silence for a few seconds and music plays closing the film.  This is when the end credits start up, as well as the after facts that happen to the other characters.  There is no dialogue in this clip, so I was just listening to the sound effects in the background for this clip.  With just the sound effects you can tell what is happening in this scene, but cannot get a clear picture of it.  This section is a little hard to analyze without any dialogue and just sound.

3. Finally, watch the scene with the audio as normal. Pay attention to something you may have missed the first time or how the elements you saw in the first two steps work together.  While watching the video like you would normally watch, the sounds and elements really fit well together.  I believe that just watching the clip without any sound can still give you the idea of what is going on into the scene because there is no dialogue in this clip at all.  The sound effects though do help to enhance the scene. The music starts playing after Mark sends Erica Albright a friend request. This is then when the credits start to play, and the facts about what happens to the other main characters come up. The way the camera is showing Mark is that he has some hope at the end.  This hope is that Erica Albright and him can be friends again, after the had broken up.  There are not any tilts and the camera zooms to a close up of Mark and then to his computer screen and then to Mark again.  This then concludes the end of the clip.  By minimizing my senses I was able to focus on only the sound or only the picture of what was happening in the movie scene. For this I believe that the scene is really well done and a good conclusion to the movie.

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