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That’s Pinteresting

Create something that might look like the screenshot of someone’s Pinterest ( account. It could be that of a fictional character (Harry Potter might pin “how to get rid of scars” or maybe Princess Leia is pinning “Easy Bun Hairdos”) or just things you personally like. This assignment may make more sense to you if you have a pinterest account, but if not you could easily take a screen shot of the homepage. Be creative!

This is a 2 star assignment.


For this tutorial I am going to show you all how to use Pinterest.  After you know how to use Pinterest it’ll be easy to complete this assignment.

First go to

From there you can create your account or log in.

pinterest tutorial 1

This first part of the tutorial will be about creating an account:

Click on join pinterest, now it leads you to this screen pictured below.  You can sign up for Pinterest account using Facebook, Twitter, or your email.  When signing up for Pinterest using Facebook or Twitter just sign into your Facebook or Twitter account and your Pinterest account will already be created.

pinterest tutorial 2

I’m going to show you how to sign up for Pinterest using your email.  This screen will show up (pictured below) and you will then create a user name, then you can enter your email address, create a password, and write your first and last name as well as provide your gender.  You can also upload a picture of yourself if you wish.  Then click the create account button at the bottom of the screen. (it will be a red button after you fill all the required information out)

pinterest tutorial 3

After creating your account, you will then have to pick 5 boards to follow to get started on Pinterest.  You can also follow people you know this just gets you started.

pinterest tutorial 4

After following 5 different boards, you can then create your own Pinterest board. Pinterest gives you many categories to choose from, your options are limitless, and you can always create and title your own Pinterest board.

pinterest tutorial 5

After creating your first board you will then be able to view your main homepage on pinterest.  This shows all the pins from the people that you follow.

pinterest tutorial 6

Now if you click on a pin you can zoom in on it and you can either Repin or Like the Pin, or comment on it. Repinning lets you pin the pin onto your board while liking the pin saves the Pin in your likes section.  You can also comment on a pin which is just like commenting on any kind of post you see on Facebook or Twitter.

pinterest tutorial 7

That’s basically is all you need to know about Pinterest.  There is a search option in the top left corner where you can search for people and pins. You can also get notifications when people repin and like and follow you on pinterest.  Pinterest basically is a place where you can organize things you like into categories, and such.

Here is a picture of what your Pinterest page looks like: On here you can view your boards, your pins and pins you’ve like.  It also shows you who follows you and who you are following.

pinterest tutorial 8

I hope this tutorial is helpful in using Pinterset.  If you have any questions please comment on this post.

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