Two Daily Creates for Week 10!

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1. October 30, 2012: Stormy weather-Show us your best photo or representation of The Big Storm.

Daily create storm pic

This is a picture that represents all the leaves that have fallen from Hurricane Sandy.  This picture really represents what the UMW campus looks, leaves pretty much everywhere.

2. November 1, 2012: Forced perspective- make something small look big or big look small.

Force perspective

For this daily create I was trying to be creative. I was looking at all of the about forced perspective examples before working on this assignment. On my computer my screen saver back ground is the Eiffel Tower.  So what I did was take a picture with my phone of my fingers pinching the Eiffel Tower.  Though I’m not really in Paris is makes the Eiffel Tower look small compared to it’s actual size.  I also realized while looking at this picture it also represents my fingers to be bigger than they actually are as well.

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