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Here is a tutorial for someone who needs help to make a video for this assignment:

Recycle the Media

During the Fall 2012 iteration of ds106 taught at UMW, we collected media from students that was unused in their previous work uploaded to (the password was “photos4life” newly added media might take some time to be moved- we have to feed the squirrels that do this manual labor). The content was migrated to a public download site, which contains at least 150 images, audio and video
Your task for this assignment is to mash-up at least 7 different pieces of this media to make a new story, and use at least 2 different types (e.g. audio and image, image and video). The story most likely would be done as a video, but see if you can make these different kinds of media make sense as the content. What kind of recycled story can you make out of this cast off media?

This is a 3 star assignment


The first thing you have to do is go to the website:  This is where you can see all the recycled media that you can choose from.  What I did was pick two sounds and six pictures, that related to taking a nature walk.  But this is the part of the assignment where you can be creative in your own way.  Find any kind of combination of 7 different media types that go together.  I recommend making a video of all the images and sounds that you collected.  To download this media to your computer click on the image and in the right hand corner there is an arrow facing downward.  Then you will be able to save any of the media to your computer so you can use it in your video.


The rest of this tutorial deals with using Windows Movie Maker:

The first thing you will have to do is open Window’s Movie Maker.  The next thing you will have to do is add photos to your video.  After that you will then add the music to your video.

tutorial part 2

You can then play your video and adjust the sound volumes using the video and music tools circled in this image below


Making the video is fairly easy.  This is where you can be creative in making your own video.  There are many options in Window’s Movie maker using certain themes, adjusting the volume of the sounds.  You can arrange the order you want your images to appear as well as working with color schemes and opening and ending credits. When you are satisfied with your video you will then save your video and upload your video to YouTube.  If you are having trouble uploading your video to YouTube from Window’s Movie Maker this tutorial on YouTube shows you how to convert your video into the right format that YouTube accepts.

I hope this tutorial helps you in working on this assignment Recycle the Media.  If there is something that is unclear written in this post please feel free to comment below and I will clarify what I mean.  Good luck on this assignment!

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